Spreading awareness about bullying by talking to parents and sudents about how bullying affects lives.



The Maddie Foundation was created in Maddie’s memory. It is an organization whose primary focus is to spread awareness of youth bullying leading to suicide and the impact it can have on family, friends, schools and the community. The Foundation’s focus will primarily be towards school-aged youth in elementary and high school. The focus will not just be directed to those who are subject to being bullied, but to those who have no idea that their actions are considered bullying behavior.  

Madison Alexandria Whittsett, affectionately known as Maddie, was born February 20, 2009, and brought joy and excitement into the lives of her parents who were looking forward to giving her the best possible life that any little girl could dream of. Maddie enjoyed skating, playing with dolls, playing with friends, running around the house, going to the beach and any other activity that brought her pleasure and joy. Her outside interests also included being a member of the professional dance team, the Dazzlin Applettes, and being a dedicated and loyal fan of the University of Alabama football team.


Maddie was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age, which contributed to her learning disabilities. She was assigned to an Individualized Education Program, or IEP, in her elementary school environment and received special assignments for education that provided extensive intervention to improve her strengths. Being labeled a “special education student” subjected Maddie to taunts on a regular basis by other students and she would share some of stories with her mom when she picked up from school. One of these stories even prompted a visit to Maddie’s school for a resolution. Unfortunately, everything changed on one fateful day. 

November 12, 2018 is the date that Maddie will forever remain a nine year-old little girl. After being subjected to constant bullying and name calling, Maddie decided to take her life in her room, at home, without talking about the day she had with her mom. It was a day that changed the lives of many.  


Marliceia Chavers is a rising millennial entrepreneur born and raised in the Magic City. She is the founder and CEO of Innovative Beauty Solutions, Inc. as well as budding company Femgenuity, Inc. She is also employed as a Revenue Agent with the Department of the Treasury, and pursues motivational speaking, writing, and helping current and aspiring femalepreneurs turn their passions into profitable as the "Passion-Preneur". This cum lade graduate of Dillard University in New Orleans, LA has an ultimate goal of promoting and pushing others to create healthy relationships that exude unlimited self-love, confident self-esteem, and a "create your best life" mentality. Marliceia's passion for helping others is demonstrated by her enthusiasm and advocacy of volunteerism. As a Program Coordinator with Girlz With Vision Mentoring, she serves as a leader and mentor to girls ages 9 to 18 which helps provide preventative and empowering workshops and activities. Marliceia is also a proud member of both Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., which aligns with her life of service as well as Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc. Additionally, she volunteers with Be A Blessing Birmingham. graciously accepting opportunities to minister through kindness and giving to the homeless. Outside of volunteerism, Mariceia will soon be expanding her role as a life coach. One of her main focuses as a life coach will be to aid in the creation and restoration of self-love in children and adults. She believes that knowing who you are combats the negative perception of self that society gives. Her motto is: "Love you, live free, laugh loud, and create your best life."