Men and Women have not been taught how to properly BUILD great relationships


  • Things Women and Men Really Need to Understand about each other 
  • Communication Secrets that keep relationships fun and fulfilling  
  • Learn the mind of man and the heart of a woman when it comes to true attraction and lasting relationships
  • Common relationship misunderstandings and behaivors that ruin relationships
  • Dispel destructive myths passed down from generation to generation that are keeping you from a satisfying sex life within a committed relationship
  • How to develop a healthy sex life and fuel great relationships
  • Learn the 4 elements of lasting relationships beyond the bedroom 
  • Insights into the opposite sex that will enhance relationships 
  • Relationship beliefs that no longer work in the 21st Century 
  • The sweet spot for SEX that makes a relationship last
  • Hidden relationship desires and why the past ones have failed



For people who truly know they're ready for a great relationship

Men and Women are very different people when it comes to sex and relationships and it’s why both get it SOOO WRONG when trying to please each other. This not for people interested in bashing the opposite sex or themselves but truly want to learn the communication skills needed to be able to be in a relationship that is REAL.

This is for those who have prayed for partner and truly know you are ready for a great relationship, but clearly you are missing something. This is for men and women who realize that we are better together than we are apart but realize that our parents and grandparents relationship models though admirable don’t quite work in the 21st Century. Most of relationship insights come from trial/error or observation the three most difficult ways to learn anything.  

Tired of wasting time or money going out with people who have no potential?




Sex is easy yet most people desire something more


Sex is easy yet most people desire something more

Falling short of your maximum potential because you don’t have a partner that is championing your dreams and helping you be your very best? You're not getting any younger, clocks are ticking.

  • Stop the cycle of trial and error and disappointment  
  • Align your heart and mind so that God can bring you what you're asking for
  • Avoid heartbreaks, headaches and staying too long in dead-end relationships  
  • Put the fun back in dating and find your soul-mate or attract your forever date