How will energetic healing help you?

Energetic Healing Helps you with:  

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief 
  • Better Sleep
  • Focus and concentration 
  • Be less affected by other's drama
  • PSTD
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Deep relaxation
  • More ease with your body 
  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • Looking and feeling Younger

  • Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue? Are you living in fight or flight? We are producing excess amounts of cortisol in our body all the time. This is because we are always in a rush. We always have deadlines to meet, we can never get through our to-do list.

  • Are you suffering with fear? Stagnation in your life? Restless mind and obsessive worry? Chronic pain? Negative or unhappy attitude? Feeling overwhelmed? Constant anxiety? Mild to Severe Depression? These are some of the things energetic healing can assist you with.  
  • Do you want to change the way you feel? Are you ready to shift your life towards a more positive path? Then Energetic Healing is for you!  

What is Energetic Healing?

Benefits of Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks, the body's innate capability to heal itself. Energetic Healing is an alternative to meditation. It is an effective treatment to chronic pain. Example of energetic therapy Acupuncture, Reflexology, Access Bars etc.


What are Access Bars?  

Access Bars is a really cool relaxation technique which consists of lightly and gently touching 32 points on the head all while laying down on a massage table which helps dissolve and melt away stagnant energy to help create a sense of ease and space in the mind and body. The thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you feeling stuck are effortlessly and easily released. It has been reported to be more effective than meditation and doesn't require a high level of concentration and "stilling the mind"


Our Access Bars sessions are dynamic and hands on. We use a technique that helps people with a busy lifestyle who are looking for an easy way to unplug and release.

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Customized Services for different blockages or issues you may be experiencing

  • Fear and Phobia Relief 
  • Perception and expectation shifting
  • Mental clarity for restless minds
  • Depression and anxiety relief 
  • Depression and anxiety relief 
  • Chronic Pain Treatment 
  • Energetic Facelift 
  • Access Bars Session

Hit the reset button to refresh your mind so it can function as it should

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