Although navigating through relationships can be hard, you have to determine the way YOU want to address your desires when it comes to your relationships! In order to mate right, you've GOT to date right! That's the bottom line.


  • Address your relationship desires
  • How to be prepared for when your mate manifest
  • Guidelines for avoiding divorce from the start
  • Determine what you do and don't want in dating
  • Detailed process for long lasting, loving, fulfilling relationship
  • Investigate thought patterns that block you from receiving what you are looking for
  • Determine your ideal mate


This is for people who are ready to develop themselves so they can prepare for marriage. This is not for people who don't want to put in the necessary work that it takes to find, build and grow a long lasting, loving, fulfilling relationship. Tired of wasting time or money without getting what's best for you? Learn the best practices from our experience. Check out some of our reviews:


Instant access to all of the services and products listed below

25 Minute Catch My Mate Session

Once you schedule your Catch My Mate Session we will discuss what relationship goals you needs to win in the dating world.

Prenuptial Dating Workbook

Valuable guided workbook that walks you through getting to know yourself so you can address your desires. You will also learn the purpose of dating and much more.

Premarital Curriculum Workshop

Our Premarital Curriculum Workshop will help you define dating ideas and navigate the dating economy based off of the desired outcome when dating.


Finding someone is the easy part! Learning to date right is the key.

You're falling short of your marriage potential because you don’t have the proper prenuptuial knowledge? Your future mate is not getting any younger, it's time to prepare. 

  • The Blueprint for building a thriving marriage
  • Discover step by step ways to prepare for your mate
  • Guidelines for avoiding divorce from the start
  • Expert advice to find, build and grow a long lasting, loving, fulfilling relationship


Pastor Michelle & Doctor Gregory Mostella

Drs Gregory D. & Michelle Mostella are Spiritual Relationship Counselors that specialize in all things relationship. They are your go-to couple for pre and post-marital counseling. Married for 13 plus years they have both gone through divorces, and dealing with blended families, exes, and finding love again. Both Air Force veterans and pastors, they have more than 50 plus years of relationship, counseling, and coaching experience. They are adept communicators, having spoken to audiences internationally. They have been broadcasting #GDandMe for over 4 years where they cover topics from dating to marriage, divorce and separation, blended families and in-law issues, intimacy, sex and everything in between. They infuse humor, music, and homespun banter into their teaching in order to cover what might otherwise be very sensitive or painful topics. They have written two books "Seven Keys to Better Sex in Marriage", and "Erogenous Zones ~ Exploring Marital Intimacy", available on Amazon and at In addition, they have authored numerous courses, workshops, conferences, retreats, which are also available online. For a complete list of conference materials or for booking, please check them out at