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Although we all have the desire to reach a certain level of success, sometimes our circumstances falsely convince us that we are not ready. When this happens, we tend to pause our progress by not maximizing the opportunities around us. Are you doing the work?


Your situation and your environment do not define who you are! You have the power to learn how to cultivate your gifts and build the necessary skills you need to get unstuck! Would you believe me if I told you that you can overcome your obstacles and lead others in the process? A leader understands the value of taking the appropriate action regardless of their position or circumstances. Influence is the key to inspiration, not titles. Do you want to commit yourself to action?

The Time is NOW!

Dr. Angela's Now What Bundle includes:

Dr Angela's Book: In this short read, “Now What?! Get O.V.E.R. Yourself and M.O.V.E.”, by Dr. Angela Anderson, you will find ways to reach your personal goals with easy to remember motivational steps to ensure success. You'll find yourself changing your mindset to fit your new lifestyle as you put in the effort.

Instructional Video: The guided instructional video will help you discover the role you play in your success as Dr. Angela walks you through the worksheet. She will personally instruct you as you discover actionable steps to create the shift you need to move ahead. Do you have what it takes to stay accountable to your goals?

Guided Worksheet: This worksheet is designed to help you discover what you are most passionate about and will help you develop actions that will move you closer to success. You will uncover tools and resources that you can use for your personal and professional development.


What You'll Learn

The Now What Mindset will help you focus on what is most important and the things that are critical to your forward progress

Learn How To Evaluate Your Gifts

You did not wake up to be mediocre! You will learn how to evaluate your gifts, take inventory of your talents, and gain the knowledge that will destroy the mental obstacles in your life.

Learn How To Find Success  

You will learn how to handle change with action, destroy fear with one simple word AND be an environment generator!

Learn The Steps To Move Into Action  

You will learn how to identify the right mentors, hold yourself accountable to the highest standard, all while remaining coachable and committed to learning!

Dr. Angela Anderson

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