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Become A Beauty Boss



Building a beauty business that won’t go up in flames requires some groundwork. Remember, we’re working towards a total lifestyle makeover and long-term success! It may seem old school, but planning ahead is the first step. helps you gain an intuitive understanding of your brand’s personality, so that you can grow emotional connections with your audience.


Listen. Learn. Plan.

I’m more than a Beauty Expert— I help individuals transform into beauty bosses that deliver compelling experiences. My proven Daily Marketing Checklist and Editorial Calendar eliminates the overwhelming obstacle of beauty industry marketing. 

After 20 years in the beauty industry as a designer, salon owner, licensed esthetician and nail technician, believe me when I say - I understand. Your skills and your passion command so much more.

Back when I was starting out, I would have given anything for a mentor in the beauty industry that understood me. Someone that didn’t just talk the talk - but had actually worked her way to the top. I was looking for support, guidance and empowerment.  

And honey, this is where I step in wearing my favorite Christian Louboutins. It’s time to kickstart your career as an independent beauty professional!

-Abbie Samuel


Abbie is very insightful! She guided me with strategic ways that I could go about rebranding myself and my massage business. A blessing for my life and business, Abbie pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and I am extremely grateful to her.  

– Lorna D

I can tell how passionate Abbie is in what she does and how much she wants to help other beauty professionals succeed.  

– Valerie

Abbie is kind, gracious, fierce and most importantly a BOSS! When I met Abbie she immediately caught my attention with her poise as we connected instantly through long conversations. Abbie taught me to cherish life and that there’s always happiness on the other side. Although it wasn't easy to just accept my way of thinking, I am so grateful for meeting this wonderful person and to God for allowing her to mentor me.  

– Shontel Isler


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Marketing can feel like a scary, overwhelming obstacle – there are so many outlets and so little time! But we like to think of marketing as your moola’s best friend! The Beauty Boss Biz Bundle includes my Daily Checklists & Editorial Calendar + You Do You Gorgeous! How To Promote Yourself + Marketng Your Beauty Business. The Beauty Boss Biz Bundle makes it simple, approachable and – dare I say it – fun.